Committee Members

Lady Barbara Judge CBE, Deputy Chairman

Chairman Emeritus of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority

Former Chairman of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority

Message from Lady Barbara Judge CBE, Deputy Chairman

 My name is Lady Barbara Thomas Judge CBE. I am former Chairman of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority. I am very pleased to be serving with the other members of TEPCO’s Nuclear Reform Monitoring Committee. I am particularly honored because I believe it is very important to have a woman on such an important committee.
As the Chairman of the UK Atomic Energy Authority, I was particularly involved in safety and the safety culture within the UK nuclear facilities.

 In the UK we have consistently developed and implemented measures across the nuclear sector that are intended to ensure the safety, trust and support of the general public. As a result of these measures, even after the incident at Fukushima, the UK still maintains a healthy support for safe nuclear generation.

 I believe that nuclear energy has an important part to play in the future of power generation, but only if issues of safety are properly managed and the industry is supported by a strong body of technical expertise. As TEPCO is now endeavouring to reform its safety procedures, I hope to be able to help to implement a new safety culture in a transparent and effective way.

 In addition, it is often said, that in every country, not just Japan, one of the groups in society that is the most against nuclear energy is women, particularly upper-middle class women. Accordingly, I think it is important to have someone who can view and assess a safety culture from the point of view of a woman, as well as a nuclear expert. I am looking forward to contributing to TEPCO’s reform in that area, so that TEPCO can become a world-class company with a world-class safety culture.

 In closing I would like to emphasise that I am very impressed by TEPCO and the forward-looking steps it has taken to gather these nuclear experts who are concerned with the safety of the people in Japan. Our Committee will view the issue of safety, and the implementation of an appropriate safety culture, with a critical and a questioning view in order to ensure that safety is TEPCO’s paramount objective.

Short Curriculum Vitae

B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania and Juris Doctor with honors from New York University Law School

1978 Elected as a partner in large American law firm, Kaye Scholer, Fierman, Hays & Handler
1980 Appointed by the President as Commissioner of the US Securities and Exchange Commission
1983 Regional executive director of Samuel Montagu with responsibility for Asia
1994 to 2009 Director and subsequently Deputy Chairman of Friends, Provident plc
2002 to 2010 Director of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, subsequently its Chairman from 2004 to 2010
2010 Appointed by The Queen as Commander of the British Empire
2010 Appointed by the Prime Minister as UK Business Ambassador
2011 Chairman, The Energy Institute of University College, London