About NRMC

The Committee conducts three core activities to achieve
TEPCO's steady implementation of the Nuclear Safety Reform.

  • Monitoring

    The Committee strictly monitors TEPCO Holdings' activities from an external viewpoint.

  • Recommendation

    The Committee makes recommendations for further improvement, and surpport supervision by TEPCO's Board of Directors'.

  • Communication

    The Committee supports domestic and global communications regards to TEPCO's progress of the nuclear safety reform.

The "Nuclear Reform Monitoring Committee" was established as an advisory body for the Board of Directors of TEPCO,
organized by global and domestic experts, on September 11, 2012.
The Committee monitors and supervises TEPCO's activities toward to achieve "Safety mind", "Technology" and "Social communication"
at the highest level in the world as the nuclear operator.

Rules on Public Information Disclosure

Information related to the Nuclear Reform Monitoring Committee as a matter of principle will be made public. This will be done by holding press conferences after meetings of the committee and, in the following days, posting summaries of the proceedings to the Committee's Website.
Reports on the activities of subcommittees, including the investigation and verification Project Team, when called for will likewise be released.

  • Materials distributed at committee meetings will be posted as quickly as possible following those meetings to this website in PDF format.
  • Videos or memorandums of the proceedings of press conferences including the question and answer period will be promptly posted afterwards to this website.
  • Memorandums of the proceedings of committee meetings will be posted to this website in PDF format after the content has been approved by each committee member. Until those approvals have been received, those portions of the videos and memorandums of the proceedings that have been released to the media will be posted to the website.
  • Information regarding the status of the respective activities of the subcommittees will be posted to this website when they meet.

Nuclear Reform Monitoring Committee Charter(137KB)